Firstly I would just like to thank all of our members for your support and understanding in what has proved to be a very challenging few weeks for everyone. 

I would just like to provide an update to you on what has happened at the club, answer some common questions we have had, and what you can do to help get through this period. 

What has happened at the club?

The club’s operations have been guided by the advice from the government’s National Cabinet decisions. This has forced us to implement many changes to our day to day operations, however the main changes are outlined below:

  • No Alcohol Permitted on course or anywhere on the property including our car park
  • Maximum of 2 players per group
  • 1 person per Cart (Unless family living under the same roof)
  • Time Sheets Opening 7 Days in advance
  • 1 customer in the pro shop at a time
  • Clubhouse Closed and all furniture has been removed
  • Carts are sanitised before and after use

The main focus during this time is to come and play your game of golf and head straight home.

Common Questions

I can’t book my normal tee time because of the groups of 2, what are you doing about this?

Rest assured, we are doing everything possible to ensure that our members have first priority when it comes to booking a round.  We are also constantly liaising with other clubs and governing bodies to ensure we are using best practices during this time.

We understand that it is hard to find a game on the weekend, which is why we have increased further restrictions on Visitors in competitions, who can now only book 1 day in advance.

I am Over 70, or in a high risk category, am I allowed to play?

Whilst we strongly discourage people in this situation from playing, it is ultimately your individual decision after considering the risks, as to whether you come and play. 

If I pay my membership fees and the club is forced to closed for an extended period of time, what happens?

Our Board of Directors would like to assure members that should our Club be forced to close we will take measures to look after our members. They have approved a few options to ensure that our members will not be worse off if they have paid their fees and the club is forced to close. 

I am struggling financially, and don’t know what to do with my golf membership?

The club is extremely understanding during these difficult times, and wish that if you are struggling financially and not sure about what to do with your golf membership, please contact Angus Porter either via email or phone to discuss the options available to you.

What has happened to the staff at the Club? 

The Club has had to make some difficult decisions and a number of staff have been stood down while we have maintained a small number of staff to ensure the club can continue to operate effectively and efficiently. We are awaiting the outcome of the Federal Government’s JobKeeper scheme to understand what this means for our Club and staff. Rest assured we will do everything we can to help our staff through this very difficult time. 

How you can help in the coming months

The club will continue to run with the current restrictions until otherwise advised by the government. As Members, we all have a part to play when we are here at the club, below are a few ways to help out in the coming months:

  • If you are sick or feeling unwell, DO NOT COME TO THE CLUB
  • Book in for all games (even at 4:30pm) as timesheets are very full
  • Report any player breaking the above rules immediately to the pro shop or office
  • Follow all social distancing signage and measures when near the pro shop and clubhouse
  • Mark your own scorecard or use the MiScore App (Log in details are the same as the club app)
  • Arrive 10 minutes before your round and leave immediately after handing scorecard in

Most importantly enjoy the fresh air, the green grass and the fact we are lucky to be able to play the game we all love through this crisis. Let’s all play by the Rules and keep golf as an option.