Long time Carbrook Member, Derek Sixsmith was recently made aware of a situation of a family of dairy farmers in the Kingaroy/ Wondai area . Their names are Ken and Ruth Schloss and their daughter Sarah has three children.

The Schloss Family Farm hasn’t seen rain for over 2 years


Derek gives an insight into their situation in this drought ridden area which is now critical. 

[1] They have not had any rain for two and a half years .

[2] they used to produce 6,500  litres of milk every  2 days  they now produce 800 litres .

[3] They have spent every penny they had trying to keep  their herd alive .

[4] There is not one blade if grass on their farm and has not been for 2.5 years .

[5] Ruth has to drive from Kingaroy to Wondai twice a day [1 hour each way] .

[6] Ken has multiple cancers [he lives on the farm] and has to have a hip and knee replacement .

[7] Daughter Sarah has to milk 200 head of cattle every morning and evening ,has a second job and looks after her 3 children .

[9 They have about $10 a week left over for food a week

NOBODY out there is helping these people .

The Sixsmith car fully loaded with food and gifts

Derek decided in a small way to pass the hat around on Wednesday and the recent Pink Bag Club day and thanks to the generosity of our members was able to raise $960.00 .

From other sources his partner, her sister and brother in law were able to raise approx. $400.00 in food donations and $700.00 in cash. Derek was also able to raise $580.00 in food donations from various retailers .

Mrs Schloss accepting $1000 in cash from Carbrook Golf Club and others

 Derek and his partner drove to Kingaroy on Saturday the 23 of November to deliver some of the food [ they packed every square in of the car ] and sent the balance by freight, and to give them the $1700.00 cash for feed for the starving cattle.

The family has asked me to thank everyone who helped from the bottom of their hearts for your generosity and will always  be indebted to you for your support in these terrible times on the land.

Congratulations to Derek for his efforts and creating some happy moments for the Schloss family in some terribly tough times.